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Hyltebjerg school play area


The €80,000 play area, designed in collaboration with a landscape designer, features a bespoke UniPlay unit with a custom colour scheme and a NRG trim trail. Schoolchildren are spoilt for choice and have access to a variety of play activities, including slides, climbing frames and a number of challenging units to test their balance and coordination. Each play structure offers optimal user capacity, ensuring that every child is active during breaktime or after school.

The playground has become a vribrant space which gives children the opportunity to socialise, burn off some energy and express their creativity by engaging in role play.

HAGS sales manager Michael Pehrson says the customer also loves the contemporary colours of the equipment, with black and green hues adding an element of interest and highlighting the quality of the equipment. 

Products used

NRG Amazon Basin, NRG Magellan Straits, NRG Ross Ice Shelf, NRG Klondike, NRG Grand Canyon, Whizzer

Country and City

Denmark, Vanløse

GPS Coordinates

55.6848, 12.4815

Year Built