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May 2016

Are you planning to build an outdoor space that inspires people and fosters a sense of pride and ownership?

Do you need play equipment which sparks younger children’s enthusiasm and provide them with stimulating play opportunities?

Is your objective to encourage physical activity in a fun and unique way?

Look no further, our theming range will do just that. At HAGS we know that the cost of designing an entirely bespoke play area can be prohibitive, so we’ve designed off-the-shelves themed UniMini multi-play units complemented by matching springers and slides. With our standard configurations that can be easily tweaked to meet your design brief, you now have the flexibility to create a unique recreational space without the high price tag. 

At HAGS, the knights still have their shining armour but the princesses are no longer in distress! 

fairy tale themed multi play units

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Why are pirates pirates? Because they arrrrrr

pirate themed multi play units

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To help you decide which theming solution works best for you, we’ve put together a handy guide:

Design a themed play area with HAGS