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Focus on NRG steel trail play system

September 2016

One of our signature products, the HAGS NRG range comes with ringing endorsements from both children and specifiers from all sectors alike. The steel trail range is aimed at children of 7 years and above and consists of 24 different units that can be arranged into any number of configurations, tailored to suit the environment and needs of the end user.

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1- High play value

NRG steel trail play

NRG is based around developing a child’s physical abilities, whilst promoting social interaction and skill building. Many of the units require the user to test their gross motor skills, coordination and upper body strength. The element of challenge is a great way to build confidence and with a range that offers varying degrees of difficulty, there is a configuration for everyone.

Each unit is named after famous world adventure landmarks such as ‘Niagara falls’ and ‘Ross Ice shelf’ with the name representing the intended use of the apparatus. Young, intrepid adventurers will really put their skills to the test on this formidable range of equipment!

2- Exceptional quality and resilience

NRG steel trail play

NRG’s structural curved arches are crafted from robust steel and each rope has a steel core, which gives the system its outstanding strength and durability. The moving parts can be replaced very easily, thus reducing maintenance costs.

The NRG family includes a number of low-level units with a fall height less than 0.6m, which means the surfacing does not strictly require a test for impact absorbency and that the units can be installed on existing tarmac*. It is a great way to cut costs without compromising on play value.

The range is tried and tested in all areas of Europe from inner city to local countryside parks, and schools. A 25 year structural steel guarantee gives peace of mind that the units will stand the test of time.

*we recommend that a risk assessment is carried out to ensure the installation complies with current and proposed safety standards

3- Sleek, contemporary aesthetic

NRG steel trail play

With a striking look and many units sporting large metallic arches, NRG captures the imagination and adds value to both urban and rural environments. NRG also complements other ranges such as Nexus Altitude and the Steel solo units, allowing specifiers to build robust play areas with a distinctive aesthetic and superb play value.

The open design allows all round visibility, an added bonus for areas with a history of vandalism where natural surveillance can be a way to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

4- Flexibility

NRG steel trail play

NRG is a modular system which comprise 24 individual components. The modules can be mixed and matched to create bespoke layouts, thus giving maximum flexibility when designing a play area. Whether you wish to recreate a circuit by positioning the units in a linear fashion or provide a space for social interaction with a circular trail, the options are endless. Some units can also be installed on mounds as part of a landscaped and multi-textured play scheme.

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