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Important safety notice for HAGS UniPlay movable sand crane

August 2016

When the Swedish governmental consumer department made a market review in 2015, it was brought to attention that the movable sand crane dating from 1989-1999 are still in use.

The European play standard EN1176:1998 (implemented in 1999) state that V-shaped openings shall be tested with the head/neck probe. The V-shaped gap between the post and the sand crane arm is not compliant to the standards and could cause a risk of strangulation, as shown in the picture below.


At this point we re-designed our sand crane to meet the requirements. We strongly recommend that you replace your existing unit with the current version introduced in 1999.

The owner/operator of the playground is responsible for this installation.

Article no for wooden post 8010604. 

Article no for steel post 8011778. 

Please contact your HAGS representative for any further questions and orders.