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Focus on NRG steel trail play system

September 2016

One of our signature products, the HAGS NRG range comes with ringing endorsements from both children and specifiers from all sectors alike. The steel trail range is aimed at children of 7 years and above and consists of 24 different units that can be arranged into any number of configurations, tailored to suit the environment and needs of the end user.

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Important safety notice for HAGS UniPlay movable sand crane

August 2016

When the Swedish governmental consumer department made a market review in 2015, it was brought to attention that the movable sand crane dating from 1989-1999 are still in use.

The European play standard EN1176:1998 (implemented in 1999) state that V-shaped openings shall be tested with the head/neck probe. The V-shaped gap between the post and the sand crane arm is not compliant to the standards and could cause a risk of strangulation, as shown in the picture below.


How to design a great playscape

August 2016

The difference between a playground and a playscape

To many people a traditional “playground” suggests a somewhat man-made environment, perhaps a tarmac space outside a school building with coloured games painted on it or a fenced area on a housing estate with swings and climbing frame within it. These types of playgrounds have their place and can be designed to be attractive places that serve their surrounding communities very well. They can be exciting, well used and much loved places.

Focus on meeting points

July 2016

Meeting points provide teenagers with a safe and inviting socialising space that they can claim as their own. Their stylish, open design fosters a sense of ownership and make older children feel valued; it also allows natural surveillance whilst minimising adult interference. Research has shown that offering adequate facilities specifically designed to meet the needs of older youths can help reduce anti-social behaviour and improve residents’ wellbeing.

HAGS Opening hours for summer.

June 2016

23/6 - Open until 12.00

24/6 - Closed Midsummer

During weeks 29 and 30, we are open until 15.00


Discover our full theming range for toddlers

May 2016

Are you planning to build an outdoor space that inspires people and fosters a sense of pride and ownership?

Do you need play equipment which sparks younger children’s enthusiasm and provide them with stimulating play opportunities?

Is your objective to encourage physical activity in a fun and unique way?

Focus on the Titan carousel

March 2016

Inspired by fairground rides, the Titan allows five players to spin around at an exhilarating speed, providing hours of endless fun. Because of its tilted overhead steel frame, speed dramatically increases when the players reach the highest point, adding an element of surprise and generating pure excitement.

Focus on the Spinmee

February 2016

Boasting great user capacity, architectural curved lines and user-friendly design, the Spinmee roundabout has been designed and developed in consultation with experts in inclusive play for disabled children. It offers easy access for wheelchair users and aims to provide children of all abilities with stimulating play opportunities. 

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Focus on the Orbit roundabout

January 2016

Launched in 2011, the Orbit is one of our best-selling dynamic play items owing to its space-optimising design and great cost per user. Available in four colours, it is also packed with play value and here is why it has won the approval of many children and adults across Europe:

Orbit roundabout inclusive play

Focus on the Roty roundabout

December 2015

With its elevated platform which adds an element of challenge and offers a wider range of motion, the Roty is an exciting take on the classic roundabout. We have imagined four simple games to make the most of your Roty unit, but creative young minds will probably come up with a thousand more!