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How to choose or build a multi-play unit

One of the main benefits of multi-play units is how they enable you to make the most of your space available: with loads of different play activities spread across several floors, they can keep large numbers of children active and engaged at the same time.

Besides, by combining physical challenges with quieter educational games, they cater for children of different levels of ability or age groups, providing them with the opportunity to interact and play together.

Our Uniplay system, designed for children between the age of 2 and 12, has a unique modular design that will let you adapt any structure to your budget and space requirements as well as your design brief.

Browse all the options presented below and feel free to contact our play specialists’ team to know more about the range.

Mix and match colours, materials and play functions

1-Choose one of our off-the-shelf standard configurations

Looking for ideas? A standard unit may be the perfect solution for you, as our range comes in different materials and covers a variety of needs and aesthetic requirements.

Discover the 6 UniPlay units with stainless steel posts (also available in all material options)

2- Swap play components

Perhaps you’ve spotted a Uniplay design that would be perfect for your scheme, but you’d rather have a climbing net instead of a slide. An existing configuration can be adapted to your brief very easily by swapping play functions*; and with 50 components to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.
* Our team of designers will work with you during the consultation stage to make sure that the new design meets current safety regulations.

UniPlay Components & Play Functions
Build your Custom UniPlay units using these components*.
*Some components are not available for fixing to Steel posts.

  • Glider - Arco

    This moulded plastic glider offers a thrilling surprise and is the perfect versatile alternative to a slide. Children can control the speed of their descent using the finger grips along the rim.

    Arco can be found on the following standard units

  • The Globe

    This unique component brings something new and different to any play space. Made of 100% recycled plastic and provided with 2 curved hand rails. Perfect as an enticing and adventurous stepping stone between towers.

    The Globe can be found on the following standard units

  • Climbing Net - Net Link

    Several friends can tackle this traversing climber together. With its s-shaped top bar, this unit poses a particular challenge for strength and co-ordination. The positioning ensures users tackle the top bar climb to reach the next deck.

    Net Link can be found on the following standard units

  • Eco-Grip Curved entrance

    An attractive Eco-Grip curved entrance offering varying degrees of challenge. Also available in wood with a powder-coated steel base.

    Eco-Grip Curved entrance can be found on the following standard units

  • Net Entrance

    Jump on for a thrilling climb! The curvature and flexibility of the rungs adds to the challenge as you make your ascent to the platform.

    Net Entrance can be found on the following standard units

  • Trick Ladder

    One for the courageous! Durable tubing has been specially designed for a child’s hand to grab and hold. Users can also hang onto the ladder from below.

    Trick Ladder can be found on the following standard units

  • Climbing Pole - Ball Post

    Tackle the Ball Post for a uniquely exciting and tactile climbing experience. It's not an easy climb, but small feet gain traction thanks to the slight flexibility of the polyurethane balls.

    Ball Post can be found on the following standard units

  • Triangular Net

    Tackle the net from all angles, testing mental agilty and co-ordination – or just hang out on it! Plastic coated chain for comfort and safety.

    Triangular Net can be found on the following standard units

  • Slide

    This playground classic appeals to all ages. Our steel slide has a new contemporary, wobbly style to add visual interest and a sense of excitement.

    Slide can be found on the following standard units

  • Climbing Net - The Manet

    The visually inviting curved top bar poses a fun climbing challenge and is ideal as a link between towers. The chain is plastic coated for safety and climbing comfort. Climbing rings are made of HPL.

    The Manet can be found on the following standard units

  • Climbing Wall

    This tough mountain climbing entrance or exit uses HPL for increased durability. Ergonomically designed grips provide a sure hold for the climber. Climbing grips can also be added to timber posts.

    Climbing Grips can be found on the following standard units

  • Curved Plastic Climbing Wall

    This rotational moulded climbing wall has seven grips and appealing curvature. The ergonomically designed grip provides a good hold for the climber. Optional game panel available for the reverse side.

    Curved Plastic Climbing Wall can be found on the following standard units

  • "Tire" Swing - Safir

    Enjoy a unique climb or zipping through the air from these rotating rings. A new more attractive replacement for traditional tyres chains. Perfect for social play or just hanging out with friends!

    Safir can be found on the following standard units

  • Curved Protection Bars

    These aesthetically pleasing units add curves and added security to the units. They are designed to complement our curved climbing walls and balconies.

    Curved Protection Bars can be found on the following standard units

  • Balcony

    Extends the platform and offers a look out point, adding an attractive curve to the unit. Enjoy the view or talk to friends below. Made from powder coated steel tubes.

    Balcony can be found on the following standard units

  • Shop

    In a child's eyes, this simple counter is transformed into a little shop. The ideal element to spark the imagination and instigate a huge variety of role play.

    Shop can be found on the following standard units

3- Choose a custom colour scheme

Although our standard range already offers a variety of colour options, a lot of customers order bespoke colour combinations to meet very specific design briefs. We can manufacture posts, decks and roofs in any colour from the RAL colour chart* and create a multi-play structure with a distinctive look, whether you need a neutral colour palette or contrasting hues for a striking playful look.
*Subject to extra cost and lead time

4- Build your own UniPlay unit from scratch

Sometimes our customers require an entirely bespoke structure for various reasons: they want the play area to mirror the surrounding architecture or local landmarks, they have very specific constraints to deal with, or they just want their new facility to tell a unique story that will captivate the residents and make them feel proud of their local area.
UniPlay’s module system gives them the flexibility to combine posts, panels, decks, roofs and other components to create unique designs. Experienced landscape architects or contractors will have access to all the CAD blocks necessary to achieve this, whilst our design team is here to help people with no or little technical background, and make their vision a reality.

Steel or Timber Posts

Choose from bark brown engineered pine with galvanised steel footings, or take powder coated/stainless steel posts for maximum durability.

Timber or HPL Panels

Panels are available in brown, red or green in a slatted design whether you choose our original timber look, or the durable and bright HPL option.

Decks in Timber & HPL

Complete the natural look with bark brown timber decks, in square or triangular shapes or select hard wearing HPl in black with a non-slip surface.

Are you looking for a themed play unit? Check out our themed play area design guide. Need more advice? Contact our play specialists team.

Expand the possibilities of your UniPlay Unit

1- Connect two standard MultiPlay units

This is the easiest and quickest way to create a bespoke unit as it requires little additional design work, perfect if you want to scale up whilst having to meet strict deadlines. It also means that you can build your play structure in stages to match your budget schedule.

2- Build vertically

High towers have that wow factor that will make them the focal point of any play area, thus immediately grabbing the attention of visitors. UniPlay’s modular design makes it possible to add floors and build up towers as high as 10 meters.

3- Expand horizontally

The same principle applies to horizontal building, and triangular and square decks can be combined in multiple ways to create bespoke layouts.

Build your playground on a slope

Far from being an obstacle, the natural terrain can be incorporated into the design of a UniPlay unit and contribute to a stimulating play experience. As posts come in varying sizes they can be used to create a structure following the landform to make the most of a challenging sloping ground (Suitable play activities or ground floor modules will be recommended by our design team who has created thousands of challenging yet safe structures on a sloping play surface).
Besides, children are naturally attracted to interesting landscapes with changes of levels, so this configuration adds further play value to your scheme.

Incorporate the landscape as a feature of your MultiPlay Unit

Trees, shrubs, rocks and boulders help create a multi-sensory environment where children can explore nature, develop key motor skills and use their imagination; they also provide a habitat for a multitude of species, thus fostering biodiversity. There has been a great emphasis lately on how important natural spaces are to people’s health and wellbeing and how crucial their preservation is to our future. Therefore many customers will ask us to keep and protect these natural features when installing a play area.
Keeping the natural setting intact also softens the visual impact of a playground, an important feature for locations with strict conservation standards and where the equipment needs to be sympathetic to the surrounding environment.
Owing to Uniplay’s flexibility, we can easily overcome any challenge that landscaping elements may present by incorporating them into the design, whilst making sure all safety requirements are met and that there is no risk of collision. We can also build multi-play structures with high play value that can fit within a relatively tight space, for example between a pathway and a woodland.

Want to know more about how to create inspiring play areas with landscaping elements? Read our playscape design guide.